” Lauren gave a first class presentation on why we should eat healthy.Her knowledge was outstanding and it was  delivered in fun and informative way. Lauren will be back with us again to help us get across the message of promoting a  healthy lifestyle.” – Peter Ferlie, Health & Well Being Officer, Exeter City FC

“I found that my sessions with Lauren were extremely therapeutic. Her pleasant and understanding persona made me feel at ease to explain about the issues I had been struggling with, without judgement to speak totally freely. We discussed all areas of my life, not just those directly related to my problems and this made it easier to notice patterns in my way of thinking and explore processes and attitudes that could lead me to a happier, healthier self. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who feels that they could benefit from improving some of the areas in their lives, as like me, they may find that working on their specific issues can lead to a better life overall.”- Regular session client, South Devon