Lauren_A_8446375I qualified as a Mental Health Practitioner in 2013. I found that through my many years of placements and during the course I found I was feeling less hopeful about what I was trying to achieve.

Through various placements and a year of post grad working I felt frustrated and disappointed. I did not feel that I was making much of a difference, neither did I feel I could eventually make any difference if I carried on down this path.

I felt that there was a need for alternatives other than pills or ward admissions in this western society. From my personal research, experience and observation I believed that the root causes of mental illness were being paid no attention.

There is a lot of research supporting the impact nutrition has on mental health. After further independent research and observation I decided to embark on a Nutritional Therapist course with a particular interest in mental health and overall wellbeing. In addition to this I studied and registered as a Life Coach and became a certified Functional Food Coach specifically for anxiety and depression. For my very open and honest account of how I ended up here please see How I ended up here

My clients are people who experience stress and anxiety in their everyday lives for various reasons and need help and support to tackle these issues. I also create and deliver seminars and programs for larger groups and teams. 




Whether someone you know or love suffers from severe mental illness or you suffer from regular bouts of depression and anxiety, it’s a topic that touches us all. After working for a year post qualification as a Mental Health nurse I felt i was sticking a plaster on a deep-seated cut that needed much more attention. There are many aspects of our society and western world that need to be addressed to help prevent common mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. I believe that by taking ownership of YOUR lifestyle, nutrition and mind it is possible to prevent some of the major mental and physical problems without the need for medical intervention.


 Our mental health starts in our gut. The link between nutrition and mental health is undeniable. We can not expect to have a healthy mind by eating a bad diet of processed foods and sugar just as we would not expect to have a fit body. When I left my career as a mental health nurse I studied Nutritional therapy and continue to develop of my knowledge on the subject of whole foods and mental health. The recipes I create are based on local, seasonal and sustainable produce to help ensure nutritional density and variation as well as being affordable and accessible to all. I am currently undertaking a unique course to be a Certified Functional Food Coach specializing in food for mental health. This will allow me to carry out assessments and advice informed lifestyle and nutritional changes supported by recipes, coaching support and recipe plans.


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