Resilience coaching comes in two parts that work simultaneously

  1. Certified Functional Food Coaching
  2. Certified Lifestyle coaching

We will start by talking, in detail, about your current life situation identifying your symptoms, triggers and problems. From there we will locate what changes need to be implemented and how.

Functional Food Coaching

In the functional food coaching I will look at your current diet and eating habits and how they help or hinder your current health. Following the initial assessment we will have a better idea of the areas that need improving.

I will work with you on food lists, recipes and nutrition that will support your gut, weight and mental health.

Lifestyle Coaching

In this section we will look at all manner of things from sleep, exercise and relaxation to revaluating values and perceptions in order to build resilience against your triggers for stress and anxiety

Both sides of the coaching packages look to guide and support you through both physical and mental transformation promoting wellbeing, vibrancy and resilience to prevent against future problems caused by anxiety, stress or depression.

What next?

If you are interested or unsure about Resilience Coaching please email me on and I will do a FREE email consultation to give you a personalised idea of what it would look like for you.