Coaching- How it can work for you!

I specialise in the reduction of anxiety and depression through nutritional therapy and life coaching. With a back ground in mental health my aim is to use lifestyle as first port of call in the battle against stress, anxiety and depression.

I offer packages, personal assessments, one to one sessions, demonstrations and presentations to help individuals and businesses improve all aspects of their lifestyle to increase energy, maintain a healthy weight, reduce anxiety and depression,  improve sleep and create balance in both mental and physical wellbeing.

If you would like to manage your anxiety and depression, lose that extra weight or simply create some balance and increase your energy I can help you reframe your diet and lifestyle to improve your overall wellbeing. Feel free to contact me to know how I can help you personally with a FREE initial email consultation!

Before taking on any new client I always do a free email or phone consultation to see if and how it will be suitable for you. If you are interested in how it can work for then please fill int form below: