Resilience is a core workout

Well, Resilience is to your mental health what your core is to your body. You have certain mental muscles that need to be exercised regularly

Anyone that works in the fitness industry knows that if you want to get strong you need to start with your core. If you have a strong core the physical world and all it demands is much easier and you are less vulnerable to injury. But to create and maintain a strong core you have to work your abdominals, obliques, lower back and glutes…REGUARLY. 

Well, Resilience is to your mental health what your core is to your body. You have certain mental muscles that need to be exercised regularly 


Hormone and gut health = mental health. Now I’m no whizz at equations but looking at the science we can safely assume that what we put into our stomachs has a big fat impact on our mental state.

Include probiotics, omega 3, LOTS of leafy green and cruciferous vegetables. Avoid processed and sugary foods. There is too much to discuss in this post when it comes to diet but personal research inTO gut health or seeing a nutritional therapist can help. I have several posts on the topic here . but the chances are you already know what you SHOULD be doing.


Your lifestyle choices effect your being on a CELLULAR level! So everything about your environment is going to have an impact on your overall health at the most intrinsic level. SLEEP is the base. It is scientifically proven that walking in nature improves your mood within the first 5 minutes. Even if it is just walking, get outside and get moving.  EXERCISE.EVERY.DAMN.DAY!

I think we are all familiar with the right lifestyle choices such as not too much alcohol, not smoking, etc etc. BUT living stress free and happily is the MAIN thing! So I actually RECCOMEND NOT BEING GOOD 100% of the time. Sleep and exercise are the main ones for me and if I want the odd night of wine and staying up all night I will because that shit is good for the soul. I do not preach perfection here simply because that would make me a massive hypocrite and encourage non resilient obsessive behaviours.


This is MASSIVE in my life. It saves me every time. It was probably the best lesson my mum ever taught me. It’s why meditation is good. Its why talking to someone when you’re stressed is good. Its why a change of scene, taking a walk or travelling is so good. Get OUT of your head, its an elixir. It’s crucial when feeling overwhelmed


Visualisation & creativity are an important part to growth, problem solving, self esteem and relationships. We need this side of our brain in order to feel confident and satisfied.  HOWEVER, you need to be RELAXED in order to access this side of the brain. Find out more here


When the shit hits the fan, which it does, it has and it will continue to do so; I have a certain collection of thoughts/perspectives that I’ve ‘collected’ along the way to resilient. You can see them here


Cut people out of your life that make you feel drained. Cull social media. Under-commit, my personal life challenge! Don’t overthink. Try not to take life too seriously whenever you can. Even when the most serious things happen I try to step back and see if I can laugh a little, sounds sadistic but it alleviates the acute stress response immediately.

Regularly take a life audit. Literally review your life from the outside in and weed it like an overgrown, unattended garden; Cull, declutter and cut! My personal simplifying favourites


Time alone is like oxygen for me. All the opinions and input from other people and external noise dissipates and I can see what is real. I then know what I really feel, what I really want and where I really fucked up – a good starting point for anything If you ask me.

Without time alone your vulnerable to manipulation, you can lose direction, focus and self esteem. Time alone is re-charging your own batteries, building your own armour and having your own back. I know when I haven’t had it for a while I become more anxious, more co-dependent and more vulnerable to what other people think or say. And that’s just a shit place to be.


Those are my core exercises. Sometimes I flag, sometimes I forget. Sometimes I go weeks without training. Resilience means self belief, self esteem and clarity of who you are. That is not something that can be created over night, nor over a hot bath and face mask.

Resilience is internal validation. Once internal validation becomes a habit, a perspective even, then the painful and unfulfilling quest for external validation comes to an abrupt and peaceful end. #justdoit

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