How to deal with Overwhelm

I often get asked different questions or for help within centre areas from readers, friends and through social media. Lately I was asked for advice on a rather daunting topic.

Overwhelm is not only daunting to experience, but as a coach, this was quite a challenging topic to address with practical advice other than take deep breathes and try not to have a mental breakdown. Even more the reason to give it a go!

Of course the details of each individuals causes for overwhelm will vary dramatically so here is the question exactly as I received it

‘What do you do when stuff keeps building up and up, one thing after another and you just feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start in terms of getting out of the hole with all this stuff on top of you?’

Not gonna lie, as a coach this question itself was a bit overwhelming at first. So i took a while to really think this one over. Like with anything, I have reflected on my own experiences of overwhelm and others I have helped in similar situations.

ONE. Perspective. Get away from where the situation is based. When you are IN the situation it feels much bigger and you can not see the whole picture clearly. You are also vulnerable to triggers such as people or things related to the problem. Physically getting away from the situation whether it is work, home or people will give you a clearer base to work from.

As Einstein famously said ‘It is impossible to get out of a problem by using the same kind thinking that it took to get into it’

TWO. Talk. Talk to someone neutral and OUTSIDE of the situation. Getting outside of your head and feeling heard will de-escalate the situation for you mentally, releasing some emotional pressure.

THREE. Now you have some MENTAL & PHYSICAL space from the ‘hole’ you will hopefully have a stronger perspective in practically addressing the causes of overwhelm. Now you can BUILD YOURSELF back up. Are you walking, sleeping and eating well enough? Like an car you need to fully fit and prepared; oil, petrol, tyres fully prepared to tackle whatever is in front of you

FOUR. Repeat steps 1-3 whilst addressing each cause of overwhelm one at a time. Taking time to yourself to process along the way. Try to focus only on one step at a time.

 Ask yourself; Is this problem within my control? If the answer is yes than do what you can to change it. If it is not then roll like Frozen and let that shit go!

Oh and don’t forget, take deep breaths! 😉



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