The answer to everything

The answer to everything. Not getting to where you want to in your career? Can’t move on from that ex? Get anxious everytime you have to go out and see people? Feel depressed everytime someone says something critical on social media, or even worse doesn’t like that post?!

A modern time full of modern threats. What’s the answer?

The answer is a question i’m going to ask you…

Why don’t you like yourself?

Why don’t you love your life enough right now?

Because every time you feel jealous, depressed, can’t get past the stuck record in your head, can’t stop wandering why they are not calling you? It’s because your self worth your esteem and your confidence are not where they should be.

Why are they not where should be? Because you’re not listening to yourself, you’re not looking out for yourself.

The times I’ve picked the wrong sort of guy and fell into something unhealthy it was because I was feeling low about myself. When I’ve been lethargic and un motivated, finding excuses for everything, it was because I was not persuing my true passion.The last time someone made me feel jealous or anxious by a comment they made was because i doubted myself, because I felt lost.

All these scenaos and reactions lead us to the doctors, to pills to addicitons and self medication. BUT if you had a gaping wound in your leg that could become deeply infected would you simply cover it with a band aid or would clean that fucker out with antispetic, suck up the sting, accept the pain and get back confident knowing the infection was gone?

Lets look for the real cause of each mental infection. Whats not right with you right now thats causing you to be upset by what that person said?

What are you not happy with at the moment thats causing you to feel sluggish and un motivated?

What, in your life, do you feel is wrong that causing you to stay in a job you don’t like, be with a guy you don’t repect or feel depressed?

If you’re willing to answer these questions, then I am willing to help.

You can’t control what other people say or do, you can’t control what’s happening in the world around you but you can controlhow you RECIEVE and REACT to these things.



One Reply to “The answer to everything”

  1. 2020 is the year of change. New routine, new outlook. Sounds cliche to say these things at start of January of course but literally so many negative things happened in 2019 – but would I have seen them as so negative if my outlook was different? Maybe not. So a more positive outlook is key for me. Thanks for this blog, made me think harder.


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