Shit happens. Have your own back

As explained by many yogis, Buddhists and philosophers the human condition is one of suffering. We can not bare it. We will do anything to avoid it. But the long d short of it is; Shit happens and we need to have our own back.

Sure we will still be knocked down on occasions, but our recovery will be swift and we will be stronger every time

The trouble with this is, suffering is everywhere we go. From global crisis to niggling back pain, suffering is around every corner and on every scale. The loss of a loved one, a break up, insecurities, comparison, childhood trauma, family grudges, career failures…I can go on. Depressed yet?

So why are we still surprised? Why do we declare the world unfair? Why do we seek a place to lay blame and so willingly settle into the role of victim?

Because despite the daily dose of evidence that suffering is part of human life we are distracted by the promise of happily ever after. This promise used to be found in mainly Disney movies, books, political declarations and advertising. Now we can be disillusioned minute by minute via social media as well.

As the threat of suffering increases; climate change, political uncertainty, drowning healthcare, the need to place blame and escape increases parallel. We become politically enraged, disappointed in the healthcare system. We turn to drugs, alcohol and social media for feelings of elation and validation. And we all know where that leads right?

Its no coincidence that during times of fear movie writers and directors will produce catastrophy and super hero movies. This is how they engage with the current state of the public mind.

Shit Happens.

The truth is you will come across suffering in many forms, on many occasions throughout your life. The sooner you accepts this, the sooner you can live a happier life. Sound contradictory?

Have your own back…

If you can accept the presence of suffering you can PREPARE for it. You can avoid the blame game and bypass the victim role.

To avoid physical disease and ill health we take supplements, exercise and eat well. And we do so, regularly. This creates physical resilience to the threat of illness or discomfort. It works the same with our mental health. We need to regularly feed our minds, regularly do life audits, assess where mental pain is coming from and address it, eliminating the causes.

We can become strong in our sense of self by truly knowing who are and what we like and what we stand for so that social media, competitive colleagues and critiques do not cause us discomfort. We have to work, build and stretch our mental muscles; self-esteem, confidence, authenticity and intention. That way, when the threat of suffering comes our way, we do not keel over, we do not become victims, we don’t need to blame. Sure we will still be knocked down on occasions, but our recovery will be swift and we will be stronger every time enabling us to help others that cant get back up as easily of as quickly as us.

Looking back at the times I’ve really sprung into action, rised to a challenge or improved my life in anyway there has always been a shit time, a fall that’s pushed me to get back up. Just like when you first start exercising and you feel the blood rush to your head, your body ahce and your muscles hurt, the difficulty breathing, it gets easier and easier everyday. Becoming resilient and facing challenges, the ‘shit that happens’, the aches and pains you endure are silent signs of growth and strength building quietly under the surface. Accept them, embrace them and get back up again the next day.


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