Make resilience your resolution for a successful 2019

Cultivating resilience is not about becoming ‘hard’ or numb to your surroundings and emotions. Cultivating resilience means addressing every area your lifestyle and taking control.

The food your eating, your gut health, your choice of breakfast, yes even your breakfast can impact the stress levels of the day ahead! It is about your self-esteem, your environment, your habits and most of all; how much responsibility you’re willing to take your own quality of life.  Becoming resilient is a liberating process by which you take control of your own life.

Its true, you can’t chase happiness,s but you can certainly find it in the absence of stress, fear and anxiety.

The hardest step when building resilience is taking responsibility because this means changing yourself internally as opposed to trying to change the external. Trying to change external circumstances such as other people or situations is often an impossible task. Accepting your role in the position you’re in whether its your career, health or relationships, is the most powerful thing you can do because it puts you right back in the driver’s seat.

As you enter 2019, ask yourself; do you want to be moaning in the passenger seat or sat upright in the driver’s seat, steering towards your preferred destination?

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