Why ‘knowing yourself’ is over rated

I hear it all the time, mainly from the mouths of the insecure or the jealous. ‘They just don’t know who they are’. Some say it without any malice but many say it to be condescending or patronising. However, when people use this modern label it’s quite contradictory, because they use it for the people who refuse to stop learning, reject labels and avoid the path most trodden. It is the rest of society who conform, follow, chase perfection and self define that truly don’t know who they are. In order to take chances in life, learn more and experience the most from the world we need to know what we are not, accept our weaknesses and our strengths and shred all labels and superficial definitions.

I LOVE people who don’t know who they are! A variety of fearless, non-self-difining dreamers who are driven by their intuition, resilient in their ways and effortlessly adaptable to any change or opportunity that may present itself. It is these people who accept their weaknesses as well as their strengths, who refuse to be labelled or boxed in and who surrender their ego for the hunger to learn more.

These people have a certain ‘glow’ about them that attracts others. consequently to live with no labels means to live with no ego and this open vulnerability is what makes the company of someone who ‘does not know who they are’ so easy and engaging.

So next time someone tells you ‘you just don’t know who you are’ don’t let it fill you with insecurity or dread but instead take modest comfort in the such a powerful compliment and let it remind you to embrace your spontaneity, fearless spirit and lifetime of opportunities in front of you that others are so sadly blind to.



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