Why this year Im ditching the resolutions

Ah January! Not only do we have to stomp through the thick mud and grey and get ready for battle through the long dark evenings but somewhere along the line some idiot made it statutory that we restrict our vices in a state of self punishment and repent. The notorious News Years Resolution!

Errr, excuse me said idiot but if ever I needed a glass of red wine, a stash of chocolate and a lie in it is now thanks very much! This isn’t sounding like a very ‘coachy’ post now is it?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for new beginnings, implementing healthy habits and setting goals. But I too have been that smug b**ch who tuts disapprovingly at those who dabble with alcohol during my ever so damp January and I have been the reprimanding vegan for all of three weeks before climbing down from my soap box. I think I may have even taken a selfie of uncomfortable proportions dawning a full body of lycra, my hands proudly taking on the peace sign (why? what the hell does spinning have to do with peace???!) followed by a string of exclusive hashtags for the fitness elite only. But then that was sooooo 2017. I talk from experience when I say #justdontdoit

Before you set yourself gruelling fitness plans, restrictive diets or a month of elimination consider another option. Consider REAL changes, ones that could see you reaching relevant goals and serious progress by this time next year. January is not for punishment or restriction but for self audit.

Every year, since the the day we first met,  my boyfriend and I have written our joint and individual goals in a book. I know it sounds ‘fluffy’ but bare with me. From where we want to travel, to our business goals we write an achievable list we would love to achieve over the next 12 months and include any relevant pictures or drawings and of course a bottle of wine! We don’t actually look at the book again until the same day the next year. Even if we haven’t achieved the exact goals we realise how far we have come or sometimes far surpassed our goals from the previous year. The point is it leaves you feeling  inspired and humble, a little like a gratitude journal. So rather than entering the new year with hard and fast rules, you have a little appreciation, you realise how much the last year has taught you and how you made more progress than you thought.


Sure, Im going to be drinking a little less and have certainly had my fill of all foods beige but my new years thoughts are to take it slow and make it last. Making small but long term changes one at a time whilst planting the seeds for some bigger dreams too.

So why not start a book of your own? Its more realistic than a daily diary and you will be surprised by how much you achieve as well as how much changes in a year. You might just find January comes with a pat on the back as opposed to a good whipping. #justdoit



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