How to remain motivated when the fear kicks in

I have spent the last few years learning and creating my own ways to remain motivated when the fear kicks in. It has become crucial actually. When you walk away from the comfortable and the secure you depend almost entirely on yourself for coping, surviving and thriving. You feel every hit and every high with immense force. This requires stamina, strength and above all else; passion.

We can not be motivated every second of every day and even the attempt can lead to burn out and other mental and physical problems. We need consistency, balance and rest in order to feed our energy and remain motivated. BUT, at some point or another we all reach that panic stage, that rock bottom, that moment when we doubt everything and the fear encapsulates us quicker than quick sand. It’s this moment of hopelessness and fear that I want to talk about.

Maybe you regret your massive life change, new business, lifestyle change or maybe you suddenly feel stupid, like your failing, crippled by the fear of what others must think of you. I HAVE BEEN THERE…more than once. It’s not fun, it’s fast and it’s overwhelming. It can cause you to act impulsively or spiral into a dark hole of negative self talk, anxiety, depression and disabling self doubt.

I actually felt the onset of this just last week. It was after a culmination of circumstances that rendered me helpless in so many ways. Only a week later I HONESTLY couldn’t be more grateful that it happened.

Remember your WHY to revive your motivation


I had suddenly become a bit lost due to the quick concession of events that took place in my business and financial life. It shook me. Like a tree whose branches sway or even brake in the storm, its the roots that remain still, keeping the tree firmly in place.

The roots of your tree are your WHY?

Why did you start on this path in the first place?

Why did you make that big jump out of your comfort zone? Why are you doing any of it?

I asked myself this and realised that I had become a bit detached to the reasons I had started down this road. I had an opportunity but it I was changing myself to fit into it, I was meeting the demand rather than coming from a  place of true passion.

When you write, say or do from a place of passion you will stay motivated when the fear kicks in. When you find your self a bit lost and somewhat off course from your original path then go back to WHY?

Why did you make the bold move? 

Why was it important to you?

I had an ‘A HA!’ moment within minutes and the relief flooded over me as the negative self talk, self punishing, self doubting fears dissipated. It reignited my motivation in a more powerful way than before. I got up, brushed myself off and got back on course brimming with intent, direction and focus. I remembered WHY I had started this.  Sometimes, getting a little lost is the best way to reaffirm where we’re going. Its how you stay motivated when the fear kicks in.

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