Fall into Autumn- A time to slow down and reboot

Time out and slowing down is a way of preventing burn out, cultivating new energy and making room for new ideas. 


With Autumn in full fall and winter in close pursuit I’ve noticed the barrage of messages coming from magazines, social media and mail chimps. ‘Fight the winter blues’, ‘How to stay energised’, ‘How to fight the cold and dark in the ungodly hour of 6am to go to the gym and slog it out hours before the sun even considers coming up’. I can’t say I find them inspiring and Im certainly not going to feel guilty about it either!

Both mental and physical discomfort comes from some form of resistance. Fighting what comes naturally. As the seasons change so do we. As days get shorter so the rush to fit more in grows greater. But what if we just went with it? Just as Spring naturally inspires us to get up, go out and move forward Autumn naturally encourages us to get inside, have more down time and generally slow down. Don’t confuse this with laziness or failure but instead a natural chance to rest, recover and recharge.

Eat warming, slow cooked soups and stews. Embrace cosy evenings and early nights. Time out and slowing down is a way of preventing burn out, cultivating new energy and making room for new ideas.


This month:

  • Create an environment for rest and recovery with scented candles, soft lighting such as fairy lights and blankets. Get some inspiration from Hygge
  • Invest in a slow cooker. An economical investment both in terms of time and money. Chuck all the ingredients before work and come home to a house full of amazing aromas and no arguments over who is cooking or clearing up!
  • Grab a gripping or inspiring new book, a proper coffee pot, quality bottle of whiskey or a bread maker. Something that will encourage you to have some ‘down time’ and truly indulge in yourself
  • Work out at the time of day you NATURALLY have most energy. In the summer I LOVE running first thing, in the winter I have more energy by the afternoon when my body has warmed up
  • Fit in as many countryside and ocean side walks as you can. Obviously don’t have to explain why
  • Have a couple of epsom salt baths each week to aid the extraction of toxins, aid sleep and relax muscles


On the shopping list:

  • Use turmeric, ginger and sage in food and teas to ease anxiety and inflammation
  • Homemade stocks for gut health and repair
  • Walnuts, pumpin seeds, oats, salmon and lentils for energy production, cell repair and to aid the brain and nervous system
  • Seasonal vegetables such as beetroot, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and squash


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