‘Close to Home’ with Helen George

We all aspire to be healthy and happy but sometimes with our busy lifestyle, constant media bombardment and everyday demands it can feel impossible to maintain any sort of balance. No matter what your lifestyle there are little rituals and habits you can incorporate to have a healthier and happier life.

Every month I I will be interviewing different people from different professions, lifestyles, countries and backgrounds and ask them 13 questions about how they maintain health and happiness. My very FIRST interviewee is international model Helen George!

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Helen George has worked as an international model for 15 years, lived
in big cities such as New York, Tokyo and Milan, and worked for
fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Stella McCartney.
She’s faced some tough times in a harsh industry, but lives to tell
the tales! Now living in Devon with her husband, she tells me how she
maintains balance with my Dream 13

Star Sign: Virgo

1) What three things do you do to keep your mind healthy?
To keep my mind healthy I try to run or be outside as often as
possible, eat a balanced diet, and laugh every day with people I love

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2) What is your morning routine?
The morning routine is a mega rush, but luckily I have the
organisational skills of an Army Major, which means everything is
ready for me! I wake up around 6.30, have a cuddle with my husband, I
make us both a coffee and porridge with cinnamon and honey for my
breakfast, quickly read news/social media/emails/what’s on for today
in my diary, shower and leave the house at 7.50. How boring!

3) Which quote leaves you feeling most inspired?
‘Work hard and be kind’ – Conan O’Brien. I try to live by this every day

4) What is your favourite daily ritual?
I really love driving home from work listening to music in my car.
Sometimes classical, sometimes pop, sometimes I’ll listen to a
Podcast. I’m lucky to live somewhere really pretty and natural, and I
find music to be so moving

5) What would be your best beauty advice?
Sleep and eat well, don’t over pluck your eyebrows!

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6) What is your favourite thing to do on a day off?
I love to swim. I don’t go very often anymore, but I love the feeling
of being absolutely exhausted after swimming lengths!

7) What is your favourite foodie treat? 
Dairy Milk. Irresistible

8) When you are feeling stressed what do you do to relax and unwind?
I love to have a nice long bath with lots of bubbles, go for a long
walk outside somewhere, read some fiction, or do a yoga lesson

9) What’s your go-to, quick and easy healthy meal?
I make a lot of stir fries! They are so easy, and I have a massive wok
which I chuck everything in and then add chicken/prawns/beef…easy
peasy, quick, and only one pan to wash up

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10) What is happiness to you?
Happiness to me is the feeling of being loved

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11) What is your biggest fear?
Honestly, my biggest fear is losing my parents. They’ve been my best
friends throughout my whole life and have helped me immeasurably. I
know it will happen one day, and I hope I can be strong enough

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12) Biggest bug bare?
Mess. I can’t stand mess, dirt and disorder

13) Who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspirations are the numerous girls and guys i’ve met
travelling/modelling. Most of them left home from at a young age, come
from poor backgrounds, and were brave enough to live in big cities by
themselves, save money, and made a life for themselves

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