A modern illness in need of an ancient cure

“Life is full of hurdles, mountains, suffering and problems, you can’t change that, instead focus on being better equipped and maintaining a fighting spirit”

It’s all over the news and media, even the royals are speaking out about it. Anxiety and depression seem to be a common part of modern life in the 21st century. Science is storming the world of medicine, curing cancer, battling AIDS and creating new life from a test tube so why is anxiety now labelled an ‘epidemic’. With stress and anxiety responsible for up to 45% of sick leave from work and up to 15% of the UK being affected by an anxiety related disorder at any time, it is the most common mental health disorder.

 So what exactly is going on? And more importantly what is the answer?

Is it our fast paced lives, our ever-increasing population, the environment, the uncertainty of the political world? What is causing all this anxiety?

Our reality, for our all of us, is how we perceive our circumstances and our environment.  Everyone has varying circumstances but we can not say that there is a “normal” spectrum of happiness. For example we can not say someone who is poor will be less happy than someone far more wealthy. In fact, the opposite to such ‘normal’ assumptions about happiness has actually been proven within scientific reason.

Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert (be amazed) has found that us humans are looking at happiness all wrong. He uses the example of a man who spends his life in prison, the dissatisfaction that comes with choice and the comparison between an amputee and a lottery winner. All of which were tested scientifically and suggested that we “systematically misjudge what will make us happy”. 

We can not control politics, war, the weather or other people. So don’t waste precious energy trying to do so. Realise the only thing you can control is yourself. That yourself, both physically and mentally is controlled by your mind, and your mind is controlled by your thoughts. This might all sound like ‘hippy nonsense’ to many but it’s actually where pure science meets simplicity. We are all just energy, the environment around you is energy and every molecule on the planet is created and shaped through energy. Thoughts directly affect your physical reality. And this was proven by Masaru Emoto through his experiments into how thoughts effect the molecular structure of water.

Anxiety is the perfect example of a physiological condition and the power that our mind has OVER our bodies. The symptoms of anxiety include, nausea, insomnia, weight loss or gain, chronic fatigue as well as a long list of social and mental health problems. it often goes hand in hand with depression and can destroy lives.

Beating, controlling or avoiding anxiety is impossible without changing your thoughts. Whether we blame our jobs, our relationships, global warming or terrorism on our anxiety, until we accept responsibility for our thought processes we are passing up the  opportunity to live a free and happy life.

 Have you ever noticed some people seem to be negative, angry or depressed no matter the situation yet others manage to do really well in life despite numerous adversities? It’s not about what happens, its how you handle it. Focus on your core self and staying balanced and your external world will follow suit. Life is full of hurdles, mountains, suffering and problems, you can’t change that, instead focus on being better equipped and maintaining a fighting spirit!


Start challenging your Anxiety NOW!


Change your thought patterns. Listen to your internal noise. Do you wake up every morning and say ‘I’m so tiered’. Do you consistently tell yourself ‘everything is rubbish’ or ‘I’m no good at anything’? Change it. Every damn bad thought, change it!    Tell yourself you can do it, your amazing and your full of energy. Notice every bad thought that goes through your head in a day and challenge them all!

Stop eating crap! Your gut is directly linked to your nervous system. When you hear upsetting, scary or exciting news what happens to your tummy? We are energy, the food you put it in your body becomes your body, hormones and fuels the chemicals in your brain affecting your mood and emotions! Stock up of omega 3 & 6 with oily fish, walnuts and flax seeds. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, veggies. Avoid sugar! It is edible anxiety. If your particularly chronic, avoid caffeine. The more wired I am or the heavier my work load the more I avoid caffeine and alcohol

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 15.13.51


Try liking yourself, LOVING yourself! You HAVE one life! There is ONE you! Be a bad ass and don’t take any crap from anyone or let them put you down. Be your own hero, your own best friend. Even if you don’t believe JUST DO IT until you do believe it. What have you got to lose?

Realise EVERYTHING begins with your mind. Nothing will change until you get your head around that fact

Sleep. Move. Socialise. Rest



Take a break from social media. Stop watching other people do it, stop thinking about it, talking about it and DO IT! Live the life you want YOUR way instead of passing off others words or work as your own. Stop preaching. Walk your talk

Screenshot 2017-03-14 17.02.59


Have FUN! Do what you LOVE! Painting, cooking, running, dancing, travelling, holidays…whatever it is DO IT! Creativity is an amazing form of therapy and everyone has something creative they love

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 15.14.29


Spend time on your own. This is my go to therapy if i feel myself getting stressed or cranky. Time alone with my own thoughts and doing what i want increases my confidence as much as time with friends. Balance



As well as not overdoing it with alcohol or bad foods, don’t under do it! Don’t deprive yourself and become too strict! Perfection is boring. I might be an advocate of the healthy life but I love an extra glass of red, a good pub chip and a late night dancing!

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 15.24.18.png


Stay inspired. Read books and watch seminars on the topics you enjoy, surround yourself with the people who make you feel good and rid yourself of things and those who don’t


STOP COMPARING! Could there be a bigger waste of energy! There will ALWAYS be someone you perceive as ‘better’ but there are also nearly 8 billion on this every changing planet. The one thing there is not is another you. Go compare that!

Distract. Don’t fuel your worries and problems with the energy of your attention and focus. Instead do something else that makes you feel calm or happy and eventually the source of your anxiety will begin to shrink. Like the focus of a light source, your reality is what you focus on. Shine it on something great

Keep it simple. Life doesn’t have to be full of complications. Simplify your contacts, your desires, your food, your life. When I think of my happiest times they were not extravagant as many people’s are not. Time spent with people you love, on a beach, next to a camp fire, dancing

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 15.15.51

Anxiety can often be a symptom of an unfulfilled desire. Ask yourself if your truly happy. Write down how you would like your life to be, to look. Start working towards it. Be brave. Make changesScreen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.37.46.


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